We can optimize your brand with video all while saving you time and grow your sales at the same time.

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Channel Optimization

Getting found on YouTube, isn't just through video content. We will take it a few steps further to help you rank higher in search. 

One-On-One Coaching

We offer Monthly Zoom calls to coach you or your marketing team so everyone is aware of what to do and when to do it. 

Keyword Research

Do you know what niche you are in? We can help you target the keywords you would like to rank for in YouTube & Google.

What We Will Do For You

Google Rankings

Did you know that YouTube & Google work together as the Number 1 & Number 2 Search Engines in the World?

Save You Time

We can take away all the stress of planning out content, editing, posting and searching for keywords that will help you rank. 

Increase Your Sales

By saving you time to focus on being the face of the company, we can increase your viewers to turn them into customers. 

Cut Marketing Dollars

Once you start ranking on Google, it picks up organic traffic without spending money on Ads. 

Align Your Brand With Video

By optimizing your over-all look with video you can use single videos multiple ways across multiple platforms, saving you content creation costs. 


$995 / Month

  • Channel Optimization
  • Channel Keyword Optimization
  • 10 Videos/ Month
  • Thumbnails
  • Monthly Coaching
  • Playlists
  • Descriptions
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  • Creating Content to market Youtube
  • Instagram & Facebook
  • 6-8 Posts/ Month
  • Optimized Hashtags
  • Descriptions
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All in One Solution

Upon Consultation

Everything in Optimization Plus:

  • Creative Direction
  • Photoshoots
  • Video Shoots
  • Editing
  • Content for all platforms
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Jason Ball

"Before Covid I never thought much of YouTube, Jesse changed that. With his help during covid and helping my business move to YouTube videos to keep my members happy. I’m now getting messages from people all over the world asking me to create more content, which has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of residual income."

David Moffat

"When Jesse & I first met I had my doubts with what he could do for my YouTube Channel but as he started to work on my channel he surpassed my expectations with follow ups and shooting advice to make my videos better."

Heath Stone

"Jesse and I have know each other for almost 5 years. He has delivered exceptional value. He has been an amazing support and mentor with our Social Media Management. He has specifically helped us with optimization Strategies and Mentored us on how to effectively launch our Uncommon Diabetic YouTube Channel.  I would highly recommend Jesse and his Healthy Management team.





We've created a Do-it-Yourself program using all of the steps we use to help you optimize your YouTube Channel yourself.

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With Your Competitors Already Optimizing Their Channels, What's Stopping You?

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