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Recognized as one of the top fitness content creators in Canada, I have helped my clients safely and effectively get into shape since 2018. My personalized training regime will make you feel fit, healthy and happy in no time! Tune in to our Youtube fitness channel today!

Program Overview

 Are you ready to invest in your happiness and health through high-intensity endorphin release, flexibility, breath awareness and plant-based fuel? If so, I’m proud of you for showing up today and for the next 12 weeks. If you fall behind, don’t sweat it.


Mindfullness: Yoga & Meditation

A daily meditation practice can be a game-changer to improve mental clarity, awareness, focus and become in tune with your body and breath. The breathwork achieved in meditation translates directly to an increased capability to breathe through a killer HIIT workout.

Meal Planning

We provide 21 meal ideas (breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days)  for you to replicate for 12 weeks. Make sure if you’re using my meal ideas to build different breakfast, lunch and dinner combos other than those provided

Nutritional Cooking